Monday, November 27, 2017

Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop: Financial Magic

From time to time, people in my sorcery group do a blog hop.  This month's topic is "financial magic".  You can take a look at the list of everyone's posts here.  In the previous post, · Shelley Ruelle talked about the emotional aspects of money magicYou can skip to the next (and final) post in our cycle, by John Umbras, here (there's also a link at the bottom of this post)

 I'll be talking about financial magic today, but perhaps in an unexpected way.  I want to talk about one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of genuine financial stability, both personal and communal; labor solidarity.  As most of you know, I'm a witch-for-hire, which I was long told "wasn't a real job".  However, I assure you that it is.
Wonder Workers International is the world's first crowd-source trade union for witches, psychics, energy healers, mystics, witch-doctors, pro-cultists, cunning people, shamans, and free-lance magicians of all stripes.  For too long, we've guarded our secrets in a spirit of competition and not cooperation. Wonder Workers International looks to change that by offering fellowship, mentoring, mutual aid, business-to-business referrals and a crowd-sourced database of tips, tricks, and hacks for those "in the biz".  As we grow, we can offer group pricing on things like health insurance, marketing, and other economies of scale.  Our goal is to normalize Adeptship: to make the Wonder Working Professions more respected and respectable in the world by creating training and mentorship opportunities, promulgating professional standards and ethics, protecting workers' right to organize, and improving living standards for the wonder working class.  We are not a traditional, i.e., industrial Union, and our organizing model is based loosely on the National Writers Union and the theory that if you can organize freelance poets you can organize ANYTHING.


  • Am I eligible to join?
    • Wonder Workers International is open to all publicly proclaimed student or professional wonder workers.
  • How do I join?
    • Send an email to with your name, email address, professional url (if applicable), and a brief description of your professional wonder working practice.  A member of the steering committee will get back to you soon to discuss your situation.
  • What are the benefits of membership?
    • A membership card.
    • Access to our newsletter.
    • Invitations to regional conferences.
    • Free mentoring and training.
    • Discounts on professional services.
    • Once the first threshold of 100 members is reached, an online "constitutional convention" will be called, a formal system established, and votes will be taken on all future decisions.
  • How much are dues?
    • Wonder Workers International Operates on a Pay What You Want model.  Recommended dues are:
  • What are my responsibilities as a member?
    • We request that all members provide a discount to other members on professional services.  10% is suggested, but you know what is right for you.  
    • We request members dedicate at least one hour per month to providing free mentoring or training to members.  You can record a video, write a blog post, or take a phone call from someone, whatever works best for you.  If you would like a mentor on a specific topic, please let us know, and we'll try to match you with someone.  If you'd like to volunteer as a mentor, please email us!

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